The History Of Italian Designer Jewelry

In Italy, the jewelry design history is passionate and diverse. The fine craftsmanship of the traditional Italy has produced the up to date designers in jewelry. Most cultures in Italy spoil themselves with different forms of adornment on the body, some of this being done with a ceremony in mind could be family, religious or social status. There is some difference in the Italian designer jewelry with the one that is connected to the role of Rome in the world's history. The movement that stretched the Roman empire power to different corners of the world brought about various influences that went back to the artistic design of jewelry in Italy. See more on  Roma Designer Jewelry

The Italian jewelry designer's works have touches of Asican, Egyptian, and Greek culture. Therefore when all these cultures were put together and they had an impact on the design developments that can be seen in the jewelry discovery that was done in the Etruscan time in the south of Italy. In the 4th and 9th centuries the Italian jewelry designers that continued to hold the perfection with no equal and have to date not been matched. One such example is Pio Fortuna Castellani who was known best in the 19th century and who rebirthed the granulation technique of Etruscan for crafting gold jewelry. He with others in the Italian jewelry design history have introduced zeal into the beauty craft that has become an obsession in many areas. This factor has continued to set the production by Roma designer jewelry apart from others in the world. Discover more on jewelry.

Italian designer jewelry has used gold in most of the times with the consideration that human beings in the spirit and the mind have a connection with gold which is not with other metals. The high cost and its relation to its sun color is also magnetic and even in the ancient times it was revered. This has not lessened the demand for gold today however the sterling silver of Italy cannot also be ignored.

We have Italian jewelry designers who have opted to work on the high cost sterling silver making adornments for the whole body. The high standards of production have seen the continuous demand for the works of the Italian designer because of the diversity, originality and quality.

Roma designer jewelry is still in the list of fashion history because of the semi-precious gemstones, trendy and oversized sterling silver, delicate and bold gold. Just in case you want to have beautiful adornments for your body it is time to take advantage of the rich Italian designer jewellers as they will meet you at your point of need. See more at